13 12, 2019

Paper Becomes The Most Popular Packaging Material

By |2021-04-19T14:55:47+08:00December 13th, 2019|

There are various packaging materials in the world, such as paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastic, etc. While paper and paperboard account for more than 40%. Paper packaging products can be seen everywhere in our daily life, perhaps on your table, there are some paper shopping bags. ·High production and low ...

13 12, 2019

Material characteristics of felt

By |2021-04-19T14:55:53+08:00December 13th, 2019|

In addition to non-woven bags, canvas bags, and cotton bags, felt bags are also environmentally friendly bags. Such bags are often used in packaging for red wine bags, computer bags, jewelry bags, etc. As the name implies, felt bags are made of felt. What are the characteristics of the felt, ...

13 12, 2019

Kraft Paper Bags Are Suitable For Hand Paintings

By |2020-10-23T14:35:02+08:00December 13th, 2019|

Nowadays hand-painting images are very popular in the design and packaging fields. Hand-painting images are applied on clothing, canvas tote bags, paper bags, they can be seen in many special gift shops. Any man can make paper bags with hand painting images as long as he is good at painting. ...

13 12, 2019

Introduction to Packaging Material of PVC Handbag

By |2021-04-19T14:56:04+08:00December 13th, 2019|

PVC tote bags is a kind of plastic bags, which is a kind of plastic bags processed with PVC film. The full name of PVC is Polyvinylchlorid, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, which is bright in color, corrosion-resistant, strong and durable. Due to the addition of plasticizers, anti-aging agents ...

13 12, 2019

How to distinguish between PP bags and PE bags?

By |2021-04-19T14:56:17+08:00December 13th, 2019|

Both PP bags and PE tote bags are plastic bags and look very similar. So, do you know how to distinguish between these two plastic bags? PP bags are mainly made of polypropylene. The main production processes are color printing and offset printing. PP bags are generally woven bags, bright ...

13 12, 2019

How to choose the weight of art paper?

By |2021-04-19T14:56:25+08:00December 13th, 2019|

Art paper is also called fancy paper and special paper. It is different from ordinary printing paper, such as coated paper, offset paper, news paper. Art paper usually needs special paper processing machine and technology. The finished art paper is rich in color and unique lines. As a kind of ...

13 12, 2019

How to Choose the Material of Packaging Box?

By |2021-04-19T14:56:44+08:00December 13th, 2019|

For packaging boxes, the main function is to protect the goods inside, but the aesthetics of the package can not be ignored for manufacturers as well. In addition, the cost and economic factors are very important, so we need to pay attention to the following items when choosing the material ...

13 12, 2019

Differences between PU leather and Genuine Leather

By |2021-04-19T14:56:50+08:00December 13th, 2019|

PU leather is simply artificial leather. It was created to look and touch like leather . It’s not authentic leather. Manufacture: Genuine leather comes from the skin of cows, lambs, deer, goats, crocodiles and ostriches. While PU leather is made of split leather and polyurethane, combine the two materials, then ...

13 12, 2019

Development history of kraft paper bags

By |2021-04-19T14:57:57+08:00December 13th, 2019|

Kraft paper bag packaging is very common in our daily lives, such as file bags, nut bags, coffee bags, etc. In recent years, with the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, products packaged with kraft paper materials are increasingly favored by consumers. In 1908, the first kraft shopping bag was born ...

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