Our dream series of boxes set use high-quality fancy paper, which has special texture and touches good. The biggest ones are special designed for men's shirts, the longest ones are for business ties, the others are for other garment accessories, such as wallets, belts, scarves, sunglasses, etc.
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I'm Newstep \ If you want it \ Tell me
A woven label was glued on the front side of each box, more delicate than the common laminated or embossed logo.
All the paper boxes can be personalized with your business information or logo.  
The lid shuts down with magnets that hold them in place on the front panel of the box, magnetic packaging closures provides features such as easy-to-open devices, and strong repeat closure technologies.
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The packaging boxes linings were velvet flocked inside, creating a velvet-like texture.
This process protects the items and enhances the soft touch.
The fancy paper boxes can be applied on many occasions.
Dream Series Of Boxes Set