Folding box is one of the most common and popular packaging box types in life.
The folding packaging box is popular reason. They can save a lot of transportation and storage costs during transportation or storage.
It is precisely these advantages that many industries are now gradually using folding packaging boxes.

Save Transportation Cost

For short-distance transportation and small-batch packaging boxes, it is okay to save very little cost.
However, for many economically developed countries, labor costs and material costs for producing packaging boxes in their own countries are very expensive.
Therefore, many brands will choose to customize packaging boxes in China and Southeast Asia. In the face of high transportation costs, many brands will choose to customize the folding packaging box to save the transportation space and cost of the packaging box.

folding box for wine

Folding wine box

The important advantage of the folding packaging box is that the volume after folding is very small, which can save the storage space of the packaging box. The non-foldable packaging box of the same volume can hold dozens of folding packaging boxes.

Folding Box Industries Application

Therefore, the folding packaging box is suitable for packaging with many industries. The most common e-commerce packaging in our lives is the folding box used. E-commerce shipments are very large, such as Amazon and eBay. Moreover, the size of the shipping box varies depending on the product purchased by the customer. If all non-foldable packaging boxes are used, it will lead to waste of storage costs.

In addition to transportation boxes, folding boxes are also used for many products that do not require pre-installation, such as clothing packaging, cosmetic packaging, and some gift packaging boxes and luxury packaging boxes. There is no need for pre-installed products, and the folding packaging box can avoid the increase in storage costs.

folding box for garment

Folding shirt packaging box

The reason why a box type can be popular is because it has its unique advantages. Luxury rigid folding box is chosen by industries such as e-commerce, clothing, cosmetics, and gifts because they can save a lot of transportation and storage costs.