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Appreciation of beater-dyed paper boxes packaging design
March,29 2019
Packaging Knowledge
Beater-dyed paper is one of the commonly used papers in high-grade handbags and packaging boxes. Today I am going to introduce you to several boxes made of this type of paper.

This gift box is made of beater-dyed paper, and it is also a box that we independently developed. Gift boxes of the same size, different colors can be combined and matched.
Packaging boxes are foldable structures and need no glue, which can reduce a lot of storage space during transportation.This set of cartons is very simple, bright and stylish from the choice of color to the shape.


LVNCES is a well-known French men's wear brand. This garment box is made of yellow beater-dyed paper. The color of the paper is full and delicate, and it is very bright. LOGO is made of UV technology, which increases the gloss of the carton and highlights the brand. 

This set of beater-dyed paper boxes is one of our earliest original designs.  The interior is affixed with the ribbon of the same color as the box, which can be used as a box or as a handbag.