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Basic Knowledge of Coated Paper Boxes Making
March,28 2019
Packaging Knowledge
Coated paper boxes are made of coated paper. In order to avoid unnecessary waste during the production process, we need to have a general understanding of the raw materials and use of coated paper boxes.

Coated paper is a kind of printing paper commonly used in the packaging industry. Its original name is printing coated paper.Coated paper can be divided into one-sided and two-sided, flat and rolled.
The range of application of different gram weight coated paper is different, and the gram weight used in coated paper boxes are 157g, 200g, 250g, and the like.


Coated paper has a smooth, uniform and fine paper surface, which is mainly used for offset printing and gravure printing of fine mesh lines, and can obtain beautiful and clear text and patterns after printing.
Coated paper is more than 10 times smoother than offset paper, and has high tensile strength and surface strength. Therefore, coated paper is often used for printing advanced prints.


Packaging boxes or handbags made of coated paper usually needs to be coated, which can improve the gloss and fastness of the printed matter and prolong the service life of the printed matter.