Compare with the retail store packaging box, the design concept of the e-commerce packaging box is slightly different. First, retail products are sold directly to consumers. Consumers can use the information on the product packaging to determine whether the product is suitable for them. On the other hand, e-commerce products are first purchase by customers. And then transport by express delivery. they are finally deliver to the customers. They cannot interact with the packaging boxes before the customers shop. Therefore, when customizing e-commerce packaging for your brand, you need to follow three factors.

Unforgettable unboxing experience

For e-commerce products, the customer’s first interaction with the product is deliver to the user through a courier, after the customer purchases the product. Since customers’ expectations are base entirely on what they see on the e-commerce platform. In addition to products, packaging boxes should also meet the high-end standards state on the website and leave a good first impression for customers.

An unforgettable unpacking experience includes the appearance and structure of the e-commerce packaging box and the shocking experience that the product brings to customers. Improving the sense of ceremony when opening the box can create a pleasant experience for customers and leave a good brand image for them. After opening the box, a special display is also a good way to convey your brand.

Duvet Cover Packaging Boxes

Appropriate packaging

The packaging box and the product complement each other. Sustainable packaging method can not only provide a strong protection function for the product, but also create a beautiful appearance. For valuable and easily damage goods, the way the product is package is very important. If the product is improper and damages the product. Then the psychological expectations and sense of expectation when the customer receives the product will be reduce. Which may also cause the customer to distrust the brand. Therefore, the packaging method of the e-commerce packaging box also has a certain impact on the unpacking experience of the product and the image of the brand.

the packaging box of tea


In order to improve the unpacking experience and protection functions of the product. Many brands are prone to over-packing the product. Which not only makes it more difficult to unpack the product. And now most customers are very aware that “the wool is on the sheep” . If the product is over-package.  It is bound to think that a large amount of the cost of the product you bought is spent in the box. Therefore, when customizing the packaging box, it should also be customize according to the characteristics and needs of the product. For valuables, the cost of the packaging box can be appropriately increase. For ordinary products, it is sufficient to improve the appearance of the packaging box in addition to ensuring the functionality of the packaging box.

Although e-commerce packaging boxes do not need to be sold directly to customers. It is almost impossible to interact with your brand until the customer receives the product. Therefore, in order to establish contact between customers and your brand and increase customer loyalty. It is very necessary to consider the above factors when customizing the packaging box.