As we all know, premium product packaging is the key to winning consumers’ attention. Both the brand owner and the packaging designer must understand the importance of the packaging box. And how it extends to the first impression of the brand in order to make full use of the opportunities provide by packaging to win the favor of customers. The following is a breakdown of the four advantages of luxury packaging boxes at different stages. And to bring customers greater value than the product itself.

Unpacking Experience

Packaging is an important factor in consumers’ perception of products, especially when shopping online. Creating a pleasant customer unboxing experience can make your product more attractive to customers. This may cause them to share your brand and products on social media. Or increase the visibility of your brand among friends and relatives.

A good unpacking experience includes many factors. Like the beauty of the packaging, the ease of opening, and the packaging materials. Consumers prefer product packaging boxes with balance functions. For example: they can provide strong protection, exquisite appearance without over-packing. When customizing packaging boxes, it is very delicate to strike a balance among the above points. This is why cooperation with packaging box manufacturers can greatly improve the unpacking experience for customers.

the packaging box of gift

Best Protect product

Your packaging is the first line of defense against product damage. For this reason, your product packaging must be strong and beautiful. Both packaging or product damage can reduce the overall value and brand image. So the packaging must be able to withstand the necessary conditions for transportation and storage of the product.

Whether the product is sold in a retail store or on an e-commerce platform. Customers will undergo transportation, handling, and storage before disassembling the product. In these processes, it is necessary to ensure that the product and the packaging box will not be damage due to weather, vibration, and friction.


Brand Spread

Packaging is a great platform to share your brand story and important product information. Consumers are very concern about the integrity and ethics of the products and product brands they buy.

As consumers’ interest continues to rise. Information on how to properly recycle and dispose of products and their packaging is also consider very valuable. Packaging can also convey the brand’s ethical concepts. Such as explaining how products are purchase ethically and how to promote corporate social responsibility.

the packaging box of health product

Increase sales

Unconventional packaging shapes, craftsmanship or emboss elements can make your product more valuable in the eyes of customers. Even selling ordinary daily products can give people a sense of luxury. Therefore, packaging design can also bring higher value to the product. Any design elements that exceed customer expectations can create a sense of luxury. Such as using different textures or finishes in different areas of the product packaging. For example, use simple color combinations, minimalist patterns, embossments or bronzing details in the box.

From this we know that the packaging box can add value to the product in many different ways. From the first glance the customer sees the product, to picking up your product on the shelf. And to buying it home, packaging can continue to add value to your product.