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Fancy Paper


Fancy Paper Fancy paper is also called specialty paper. It is a type of paper that is dyed or embossed in the manufactur ...

Iridescent Paper


Iridescent Paper Iridescent wrap paper was launched in May,1988 by a company in South Asia. Iridescent paper is construc ...



Lamination Lamination is a very common art in printed products, like paper bags, paper boxes and other paper containers. ...

Binding Cloth


Binding Cloth Binding cloth is also be called book binding cloth, as it is used to bind books oringinally. Bookbinding c ...

Leatherette Paper


Leatherette Paper Leatherette paper is a type of paper that looks like real leather from the grain, color, and texture. ...

Soft Touch Paper


Soft Touch Paper The “soft touch ”paper means the soft touch finish paper. In printing and packaging industries, unlike ...

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