Each box is made for specific stationery including pens, pencials, markers, crayons and erasers. The packaging boxes are made of high-quality brown kraft paper and black paper card.
I'm Newstep \ If you want it \ Tell me
I'm Newstep \ If you want it \ Tell me
The stripes images on the kraft paper boxes are UV printed, they looks simple but not dull.
The logo was spot printed, and other processes are also available.
Each gift box was covered by a piece of brown kraft paper, and was fixed by a rubber band.
They are not deformed easily.
The gift packaging boxes set will easily make an impression on your friends and stand out in a crowd with the delicate handcraft details.
I'm Newstep \ If you want it \ Tell me
The lining paper was folded to create a zigzag pattern, quite eye-catching, avoiding the items scattering.
Any other color is also available.
Original Stationery Pens Gift Boxes Set