You may be familiar with cotton fabric, cotton tote bags, there is a type of expensive bamboo cotton cloth, and perhaps you have not noticed it in your daily life.
Bamboo cotton (known as India cotton) it is made of a special cotton weaving by an old process. The surface of the fabric has regular yarn, and the grains on the surface is similar to bamboo, thus it comes the name “bamboo cotton”.

Bamboo Cotton Fabric
Like linen fabric, bamboo cotton has the rustic and soft feeling.
There are various kinds, there are thick details of bamboo, knot, short fiber and bamboo.
Bamboo cotton cloth feels softer and more comfortable than common cotton cloth, it is more breathable and better moisture absorption and more environment-friendly.
It is always used to make summer T-shirt, lingerie, pajamas, children’s clothing, in – house garments, sleeping drawstring bags and blend sheets.

Bamboo Cotton bags
Because of its special delicate touch feeling and texture, the bamboo cotton goods are very very comfortable in all temperatures and ideal for people with allergies.
The logo manufacturing processes of bamboo cotton fabric are basically the same with cotton cloth. The processes are screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, weaving, etc.
It can only be washed by cold water and dry on low heat.
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