PP is a plastic packaging material that is non-toxic and tasteless. The woven bag made of PP material has the feature in light weight, corrosion resistance and easy molding. At the same time, woven PP bags not only have some general characteristics of PP material, but also have its own unique characteristics.

woven PP bags
1. PP is usually lighter. If no filler is added, the density of PP braid is equivalent to the density of PP, which is 0.9~0.91 g/cm3.
2. PP woven fabric is a kind of flexible and high breaking strength material in PP products. If PP strength is measured by specific strength (strength/specific gravity), it is higher or closer to metal material.

woven PP bags
3. PP woven fabric has good corrosion resistance to inorganic and organic materials.
4. The friction coefficient of PP braid is similar to that of nylon and has good wear resistance.
5. PP braid does not get moist easily and is not affected by moisture in the air, and has good insulation.

woven PP bags
6. The PP woven fabric has poor anti-aging ability and is susceptible to aging due to the action of light, heat and oxygen during use.
In addition to woven bags, PP materials are often used as food shopping bags.