Paper card is a kind of thick paper between paper and paperboard. It has a considerable market share in the packaging industry. According to its color, it has white cardboard, black cardboard and red cardboard. Paper card boxes are packages made of cardboard.

Original Desgine Stylus Packaging Boxes
As a packaging manufacturer with 20 years of packaging customization experience, we have worked with customers on a number of paper card boxes. Among them, white cardboard and black cardboard are most favored by merchants.
The paper card has high smoothness and good stiffness. The white cardboard box is suitable for printing beautiful patterns, while the black cardboard box is more suitable for hot stamping, bumping and other processes.

Concise Red Duvet Cover Packaging Boxes
In our daily life, there are a lot of boxes made of cardboard, which is the reason?
Small objects such as data cables are usually packaged in paper card boxes, but because the value of the data lines themselves is low, and paper card are a relatively low-cost packaging method, which is naturally favored by manufacturers.

NEWSTEP Original Design Round Lid and Base Boxes
Secondly, cardboard boxes are chosen for packaging boxes, which have lower window opening costs and can cover a wider area of customers, which is more conducive to displaying goods to consumers. If customers can see the goods directly through the outsourcing, when they are interested, they will naturally have the desire to buy.