Project Description

Hot stamping is also called for hot foil stamping. It is a special printing process without any ink, very gorgeous.
Tools for hot foil stamping: a steel blank, golden or silver foil, substrates.
In hot metal stamping, we first heat steel blanks until it is red-hot. They are then formed into the desired shape using special die cavity and keep it there for a few seconds while it cools so that they keep the special shape, then we heat the the steel plate, then put the golden or silver foil foil on the hot plate, at last heat transfer the golden or silver metal images onto the Substrates.

Deep Blue Scarf Packaging Boxes

Hot stamping process makes a special golden or silver metal glossy image, creating an impression of valuables.
The hot stamping images are vibrant and bright, they will not peel or rub off over time. If you apply hot foil stamping on paper boxes, the hot foil stamping images are very appealing and attractive.
In addition, once a part is formed through hot stamping, it cannot be reformed.

Century Brand Black Gold Scarf Packaging Boxes

Nowadays hot foil stamping process is always applied with embossing to Emphasize design patterns on the printing products.
If you need hot foil stamping for your application, there are two approaches – hot stamping in golden color and hot stamping in silver color, which one you are going to choose depend on the printing patterns and the whole frames.

Hot stamping cost much higher than the conventional printing.
Hot stamping images on the cigarette packaging boxes.
Hot stamping images on the invitation and wishing cards.
Hot stamping images on the upscale packaging boxes.