Electronics Sensor Packaging Box

This electronics sensor packaging box was produced by NEWSTEP packaging for a technology company. It‘s a remote monitoring device for excavators. Able to visualise the situation ahead when working.The box structure is made up of three boxes with a blue sleeve paper.

White and blue color scheme, symbolising the blue sea and sky. The three boxes are assembled together and then wrapped in a blue sleeve paper. Lid&base box. Easy to open and close. The paper lining is environmentally friendly and protects the products inside from bumps and vibrations.

  • Material: Paper Card, Coated Paper, Gray Board
  • Technique: Hot stamping, Print
  • Size: 23*23*10.5(CM)
  • Min.Order: 2000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized packaging. The price will depend on your standard. We need to evaluate the price.
Category : Electronic Products Box

Three-dimensional size

Electronics Sensor Packaging Box Size

The 1:1 lining is made for a complete fit and serves to protect the product.

Electronics Sensor Packaging Box Lining Material
Electronics Sensor Packaging Box Open Way Display

The classic style of the box with the lid&base. The interior is lined with card paper to effectively protect the product from bumps and bruises.

The logo used silver hot stamping process. Display the brand.

Electronics Sensor Packaging Box Printed Technique
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