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Original Desgine Cigarette Packaging Boxes

Our original desgine cigarette packaging boxes are made of black cardboard and gold card paper. The carton have golden LOGO and patterns, which looks very advanced. It’s very small and can be put into your pocket.
Newstep has always adhered to ” High quality products , good customer experience” business purposes. Newstep has engaged in making gift boxes for years. Products of high quality, stylish design. A wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

  • Material: black card paper,gold card paper
  • Technique: UV printing
  • Size: 6*2.7*13cm(L x W x H)
  • Min. Order: 2000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized package. The price will depend on your standard. We need to evaluate the price.

Three-dimensional size

Original Desgine Cigarette Packaging Boxes Size

These golden lines are made by UV process. The UV pattern has a very good gloss and looks very bright and conspicuous. The graphics on the box are customizable, and the combination of black and gold makes it very classic.

Original Desgine Cigarette Packaging Boxes Full Printed Detail
Original Desgine Cigarette Packaging Boxes Corner Printed Detail

The LOGO of the packsging box is printed on the lid and is also made of UV technology. The golden LOGO is also very obvious in black, which can play a very good role in brand promotion. This electronic product box is original by us, if you are interested, you can consult us.

Every corner of the box is carefully handled without any rough edges. The size, color, size and even the material of the electronic products boxes can be customized according to your needs. Overseas transportation.

Original Desgine Cigarette Packaging Boxes Drawer Open Detail
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