Bloom Display Perfume Gift Box with Music and Light

This perfume gift box is very cleverly constructed. It is different from the usual box construction. The outer box is conical, like a Christmas hat. The surface is prismatic. It is made with a very high level of craftsmanship. The way it opens is very creative. It opens by turning to the left. It looks like a flower in bloom. And it is accompanied by soothing music and flashing led lights.

With both auditory and visual impact. Enhancing the user experience. Looks better when opened at night. Whether as a PR gift box. Or in shop displays are very luxury. This gift box is very difficult to produce. A lot of Handmade is required. very personalised gift box.

  • Material: Suede, Fancy Paper, Music, Lights
  • Technique: Handmade
  • Size: 15.5*5*17(CM)
  • Min.Order: 2000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized packaging. The price will depend on your standard. We need to evaluate the price.

Three-dimensional size

Bloom Display Perfume Gift Box Size

Carved petals. It opens by turning to the left. It looks like a flower in bloom.

Perfume Box Fancy Paper
Perfume Box Fancy Paper

Diamond-shaped structure at the base.

The exterior of the box is made of laminated suede. Can be used as a display item. Promotes the brand

Perfume Gift Packaging Box Suede Material
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