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Premium Perfume Packaging Boxes

This box is mainly made of art paper. The surface of the art paper has a unique texture and is very textured. Inside the box, there are lining paper specially used to fix the product, which acts as a shockproof and decompression.

Newstep has always adhered to ” High quality products , good customer experience” business purposes. Committed to providing you with high-quality products. We have engaged in making paper carrier bags for many business purposes for about 21 years.

  • Material:art paper
  • Technique:printing
  • Size:15*6*3cm(L x W x H)
  • Min. Order: 1000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized package and does not do the retail. The price will depend on your standard and we need to evaluate the price.
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Three-dimensional size

Premium Perfume Packaging Boxes Size

The black thin border is printed around the box. This is a very classic design. It is not only very beautiful, but also adds the sense of line and design of the whole box. The corners of the box are very detailed and smooth, without burrs. It can be seen that the workmanship is very fine.

Premium Perfume Packaging Boxes Open
Premium Perfume Packaging Boxes Logo Technique

The logo on the surface of the perfume packaging boxes is printed, the pattern is clear and does not fade, and it can play a good brand promotion role.The box is very fashionable and exquisite from color to design, and is also suitable for the packaging of other cosmetics.

The cosmetic boxes have black inner lining paper, which is used to protect the perfume. This box is very attractive for its unique fashion design, first-class technology and high quality materials.

Premium Perfume Packaging Boxes Display
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