Premium Projector Packaging Boxes

Our projector packaging boxes Box is made of coated paper and grey board. This packaging box is specially designed for electronic instruments, and can also be used for gift wrapping.

Newstep has engaged in making paper boxes for 21 years. Products overseas shipping. We have got endless design of paper boxes, including lid and base paper boxes, clamshell boxes, drawer paper boxes and more modern design paper boxes.

  • Material: coated paper,grey cardboard
  • Technique: printing, matt lamination
  • Size: 35*25*10(CM)(L x W x H)
  • Min. Order: 1000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized package and does not do the retail. The price will depend on your standard and we need to evaluate the price.

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Three-dimensional size

Grey Flip Electronic Products Box Size

our packaging boxes have a printed and exquisite pattern, which is very realistic, which shows our products to customers. Of course, you can also keep the mystery without printing the product pattern.

Grey Flip Electronic Products Box Print
Grey Flip Electronic Products Box Technique

The LOGO and product information is printed on the Grey Flip Electronic Products Box to better help customers understand the product. If you need it, you can print text and graphics according to your needs.

This box is a flip box. This packaging method is a very common package, which is convenient for opening and closing. The box has a large capacity and can hold some large gifts, which is very suitable for business occasions.

Grey Flip Electronic Products Box Detail
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