YuanXiXuan Woolen Paper Scarf Boxes

YuanXiXuan woolen paper scarf boxes are made of woolen paper and binding cloth, the two materials are very soft . The box is just like a beautiful bound book.

Newstep has always adhered to ” High quality products , good customer experience” business purposes. Newstep has engaged in making gift boxes for years. Products of high quality, stylish design. A variety of shapes and sizes to choose.Customizatin services are offered.

  • Material: woolen paper, binding cloth
  • Technique: hot stamping, embossing
  • Size: 24.5*25*4.5(CM)(L x W x H)
  • Min. Order: 1000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized package and does not do the retail. The price will depend on your standard and we need to evaluate the price.

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Three-dimensional size

YuanXiXuan Woolen Paper Scarf Boxes Size

The hot stamping and embossing processes make the packaging boxes high-end and exquisite. The logo is also very impressed.

YuanXiXuan Woolen Paper Scarf Boxes Technique
YuanXiXuan Woolen Paper Scarf Boxes Detail

The fancy paper boxes are with timeless classic design, they can hold women’s scarves, men’s ties, and other accessories.

We guarantee that the components of this item are all in good condition, it can also be used as colliectible boxes for storage.

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