A lot of plastic bags have been consumed every year. Although these plastic bags are convenient to our lives, at the same time it does long-term harm.
The plastic bag has a stable structure and a very long degradation cycle, which means that the plastic bags that are not in the process of recycling will become pollutants in the environment, permanently exist and accumulate, and ultimately, it will cause great harm to the environment.

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The disaster that plastics bring to the environment is called “white pollution.”

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At present, more and more countries and regions have restricted the production, sale and use of plastic bags, thus urging and encouraging enterprises to use eco-friendly bags that are durable and easy to recycle.
Benefits of using eco-friendly bags:
1.The use of plastic bags can be greatly reduced.
2.The service life is longer than the paper bag.
3.It can be recycled.
4.The price is low and easy to promote.

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Eco-friendly bags are beautiful in appearance and diverse in style, which can meet different needs.