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Sustainable Packaging Development Goals

Sustainable packaging is a type of packaging that is designed to have minimal impact on the environment. This means that it is made from renewable or biodegradable materials, is recyclable or compostable, and is produced in a way that minimizes waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

In our pursuit of happiness and a better way of life,Before. (paper, plastic, fabric) accounts for the most In packaging. but now, all most plastic can’t use. It’s very difficult to degradable. Unless, Used special plastic. It can be biodegradable.

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In packaging, paper accounts for the most. Paper and paperboard made with forest-fibres are popular packaging materials to protect goods and provide product information.

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Recycling of paper and other forest products has the potential of restoring forest. However, these materials can sometimes be the product of deforestation or poor forestry practices.

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Recycling has the potential to reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere. Mitigate the threat of global climate change and to offset the energy lost to entropy.

100% Sustainability Folding Flap Boxes with Insert Closure

Recyclable Paclaging Boxes

Recyclable Paper Bag

Mushrooms Design Soft Touch Cotton Tote Bag

Recyclable Fabric Bag

Recycled Paper

Recycled Cotton

RPET Fabric

Sustainablity Packaging Accessories

Sustainablity Lamination

Glossy&matt lamination is very popular in packaging box and bag. Lamination is plastic. Now. Degradable lamination has born.Such as PLA, PBAT, NatureFlex, Clarifoil, BMSC, PVA, PBS…

100% Sustainablity Cosmetic Boxes with Paper Molding Lining Open Way

Sustainablity Lining

(blister, clamshell, eva, sponge)  is contains plastic. Not ECO-friendly.  Paper lining is sustainablity. Such as iphone packaging box lining.  And also paper card, Degradable plastic lining.

paper bag handle

Shopping Bag Handle

Some shopping bag handle had used plastic hand to tie a knot. It’s a cost-saving way. This way can’t be used anymore. We can useing paper to tie a knot, stick on the paper or sewing on the paper.