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Custom Straw Bags Manufacturer

Professional beach straw bags supplier in China. Custom Logo, material, style, size and so on.
Good for environment. Sustainability materials straw pouch bag.
Such as paper straw, wheat straw, bulrush, water hyacinth, raffia, water grass straw, willow grass, rattan, corn husk and straw.

Material Option for Custom Straw Beach Bags

paper straw

Paper Straw

woven to create a durable and eco-friendly material

wheat straw

Wheat Straw

natural byproduct of wheat harvesting

Raffia straw

Raffia Straw

Raffia plant native to Madagascar and Africa

Willow grass

Willow Grass

fibers of the willow grass plant.



fast-growing and renewable bamboo plant

corn hush straw

Corn Husk

dried outer layer of corn cobs

Why Straw Beach Bags Are Fumigated for Export

Fumigation is often required when exporting straw bags to control and prevent the spread of pests, insects, and diseases. Here are a few reasons why fumigation is necessary in this context:

Pest control: Straw bags, being natural and organic products, can harbor pests such as insects, mites, or larvae. These pests may cause significant damage to agriculture and ecosystems in the destination country if introduced. Fumigation helps eliminate these pests and ensures that the exported straw bags are free from infestations.

Quarantine regulations: Many countries have strict quarantine regulations in place to protect their agricultural industries and native ecosystems. Fumigation is often a mandatory requirement to comply with these regulations and prevent the introduction of foreign pests that could harm local crops or natural habitats.

International phytosanitary standards: The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) sets phytosanitary standards to minimize the spread of pests and diseases through international trade. Fumigation is one of the approved methods to meet these standards and reduce the risk of introducing harmful organisms during the export of agricultural products.

Biosecurity measures: Fumigation is an effective biosecurity measure that can help prevent the spread of diseases or pests that may not be visible to the naked eye. It provides an additional layer of protection by targeting potential pathogens or eggs that may be present on or inside the straw bags.

Quality assurance: Fumigation ensures that the exported straw bags meet certain quality standards by eliminating pests and preventing damage during transportation. It helps maintain the integrity and condition of the products, ensuring that they arrive in good shape and meet the expectations of the importers.

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