Insulated bags are constant temperature package with high heat insulation, heat preservation and cold preservation. Because it is a structural style of the handbag, it is very convenient to carry and is very popular among consumers.
The shape of the insulated bag is fashionable and fashionable, and has a certain heat preservation effect. It is very suitable for driving, outing, and gathering in the wild. It is a necessity for life, leisure and travel.

Insulated Bag
In addition, the insulated bags have been widely used in the fresh and take-out industries. With the increase in market demand, the emergence of thermal insulation bags has brought great convenience to people’s lives.
Insulation bags have five major advantages:
1.The material of the insulation bag is very environmentally friendly, which can save the use of plastic bags;
2.clean and hygienic, the insulation bag itself is waterproof and oil-proof, all materials are made of environmentally-friendly materials, and the wear resistance is superior to wrinkles;

Insulated Bag
3.the heat preservation effect is good, when the food is taken out, it is still steaming, and the ideal effect can be achieved from the color and taste of the food. In this way, the working problems of office workers can be easily solved, and the chances of going out for a picnic can be increased a lot;
4.the insulation bag itself is low in price and can be used many times, and the general market can be purchased;
5.can be used for restaurant take-out, take-out can also print personalized slogans to promote awareness.

Insulated Bag
Our common insulation bags are canvas bags, non-woven bags, oxford bags, etc. These bags are internally fitted with aluminum foil and pearl cotton, which can be used for heat preservation and cushioning.