Luxury Natural Cotton Long Garment Dress Bag

Made with the high quality cotton, this long garment bag combines exquisite sewing and meticulous attention to detail. The distinctive brown line sewing and overlocking add a touch of elegance to the bag, ensuring that your garments are not only protected but also beautifully presented. The screen-printed brown logo further enhances the overall aesthetic, reflecting a commitment to both quality and brand identity.

Adding a touch of opulence, the copper color zippers not only complement the natural cotton hue but also exude a sense of refinement. The smooth and durable zippers make accessing your garments a breeze, while the overall design elevates the bag into a stylish accessory in its own right.

  • Material: Cotton, Zipper, Snap Button
  • Technique: Screen Printing, Sewing
  • Size: 62*154 CM
  • Min.Order: 1000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized packaging. The price will depend on your standard. We need to evaluate the price.
Category: Garment Bags

Three-dimensional size

Luxury Natural Cotton Long Garment Dress Bag Size

Our skilled artisans employ meticulous sewing techniques, including brown line sewing and overlocking, ensuring not only durability but also an exquisite finish that exudes sophistication.

Luxury Natural Cotton Long Garment Dress Bag Handle Sewing
Luxury Natural Cotton Long Garment Dress Bag Zipper

Embrace the allure of copper color zippers, a luxurious detail that not only complements the natural cotton fabric but also serves as a testament to the attention given to every element of this bespoke creation.

Designed in a long style, this custom garment bag caters to the storage needs of your most treasured wardrobe pieces – from elegant dresses to luxurious coats. The spacious interior is thoughtfully structured to cradle and protect your garments, preserving their pristine condition for years to come.

Luxury Natural Cotton Long Garment Dress Bag Side Width
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