Sustainablity Luxury Hexagon Whisky Gift Box with Embossing

This whisky box made from FSC-certified paper, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of sustainable and ethical sourcing. This commitment to sustainability not only reflects our dedication to the environment but also enhances the overall prestige of the brand contained within. The deep debossing of your logo adds a subtle yet impactful personalization, giving your whisky gift a bespoke touch.

The hexagon shape adds a distinctive touch to the packaging, setting it apart from traditional designs. To elevate the visual appeal, the paper boasts full-coverage embossing, creating a tactile experience that captivates the senses. Every inch of the box is adorned with intricate embossing, enhancing the overall luxurious feel.

  • Material: FSC Paper, Grey Cardboard
  • Technique: Hot Stamping, Embossing
  • Size: 13*24.8 CM
  • Min.Order: 2000 Pieces
  • Price: We are the manufacturer which offers the customized packaging. The price will depend on your standard. We need to evaluate the price.
Category: Spirit & Wine Boxes, Gift Boxes

Three-dimensional size

Sustainablity Luxury Hexagon Whisky Gift Box Three Dimension

The hot-stamped logo and pattern further contribute to the box’s premium aesthetics, catching the light and creating a visual allure that demands attention.

Sustainablity Luxury Hexagon Whisky Gift Box Hot Stamping Fonts
Sustainablity Luxury Hexagon Whisky Gift Box Flip Top Lid

Flip Top lid with full-coverage embossing and hot stamping Logo.

Eco friendly Lining material option: Cardboard. Fixing both the bottom and mouth of the whisky bottle ensures that your precious spirit remains in place, minimizing the risk of breakage and preserving the integrity of the packaging. The grey cardboard lining not only enhances the box’s structural integrity but also adds a sophisticated backdrop, accentuating the richness of the whisky within.

Sustainablity Luxury Hexagon Whisky Gift Box Fixed Bottle.
Sustainablity Luxury Hexagon Whisky Gift Box Insert Closure

Practicality meets elegance with our insert closure method. The box is designed to securely cradle the whisky bottle, preventing any unnecessary movement during transport.

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