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Custom Rigid Folding Box with Magnetic Closure Manufacturer

Rigid Folding Boxes Structure

Flat Folding Box

Rigid folding magnetic box with closure. 4 corners are fixed by magnets or double-sided adhesive stripe.

Rotative Folding Box

Flat Folding Box

The bottom side of the box rotates and folds in half, and the bottom reinforces the stable structure of the plate.

Flat Folding Box

One step closer to save space, special treatment on the edge of the package to prevent the edge of the folds from cracking.

Flat Folding Box

The four-side magnet is attracted, which is more flexible at the folding corner, and can be folded in half.

Rigid folding box

Why Use Folding Box

There are many folding methods for folding boxes, each with its own advantages.
The folded place can be treated with magnets or double-sided tape, and there are also ones that do not contain magnets.
Magnets or ribbons are usually used at the closure of folding boxes with lids.
The folding box can save space and transportation costs, and has a good operating feeling.

Our Factory Production Video

Folding Boxes Production

Mechanized Add Magnetic in Packaging Boxes

Folding Magnetic Box FAQ

The packaging design, material, technical, size and other details will affect the price. The salesperson is required to calculate according to specific information.

Newstep provides packaging customization services for European and American luxury brands many years. The customized packaging boxes and bags fully comply with the relevant EU certification standards. Examples: FSC (Forest Environmental Protection Certification), ISO-9001 (Product Quality Management System), ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, SEDEX(Supplier Business Ethics Certification), second party inspection reports for luxury brands, etc…

Yes. We are a professional packaging manufacturer. Newstep has been packaging business since 1997. From the initial American market to Europe. Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Automation production, and a production team of more than 200 skilled workers.

If you can’t provide design. You can change the LOGO on our existing box type, and the other basically unchanged.

Every brand has its brand style, and the design is best done by the company’s designer, which is more in line with the brand culture. We can provide some structure and technique advice.

Yes, we can make finished samples according to customer’s artwork, designs. Samples into finished samples and white samples (only structure). Samples need to be charged a certain sample fee, and the specific price needs to refer to the packaging technique. After the order quantity reaches the 2000pcs or 5000pcs, the sample fee can be refunded.

Sample making time around 7days
Production time around 20~30days.
Ship time around 20~30days. Or express delivery around 3~10days.
Add up around 30~60days.

Environmental protection is a trend. We started to pay attention to environmental protection 10 years ago. For paper sources, we have FSC certification. In production, some not environmentally friendly technique and materials are removed. We can custom made 100% recyclable packaging. about more sustainability info. Please read our sustainability page.

Newstep has been engaged in custom packaging business since 1997. It has been exporting for more than 20 years and has customers all over the world. We have done many luxury brands in Europe and the United States and have long-term cooperation. Because of the non-disclosure agreement, we cannot publicize it. If you want to know what luxury brands we have made, you can contact us.

Rigid Folding Box News

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